Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics, Alro Industrial Supply and Alro Metals Outlet.

Alro Industrial Supply Tool Management Solutions

SmartCell SmartCell

SmartCell is the latest technology which provides tooling security, tracking and autoreplenishment at the point-of-use. SmartCell can drastically reduce your tooling usage and replenishment costs. SmartCell is unique in the industry as it works well in lean environments where cellular manufacturing practices are employed. With SmartCell stations residing in multiple locations, your operators never have to leave their work area for tooling. SmartCell’s combination of advanced features, ease of use and low cost can be found in no other tool vending solution.

SmartCabinet SmartCabinet

SmartCabinet is Alro’s newest development which provides tooling security, tracking and auto-replenishment on a much larger scale than Smart-Cell . SmartCabinet can be used at the point-of-use or in a crib environment. SmartCabinet has all the same features/functionality as Smart-Cell but provides a more dense storage solution with adjustable slot sizes.

SmartCabinet SmartCoil

Alro’s SmartCoil system is engineered for industrial environments and provides a reliable, simple-to-use dispensing solution. This unit is ideal for a wide variety of shop consumables including maintenance, welding and shop supplies, safety items and batteries.

Smart Locker SmartLocker

If fully secure tool management is what you are looking for, Alro has the ability to provide the right vending solution to meet your needs. With everything from lockers to coil machines, Alro can provide a variety of fully secure tool management solutions.

Alro Portable Order System Alro Portable Order System

Alro’s Portable Order System (APOS) utilizes barcode technology for simple Kanban-style visual reordering. The system works great with “free issue” items such as in the maintenance area. APOS will manage multiple storage areas and will streamline replenishment, eliminate paperwork and upload orders directly to Alro.