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Alro Industrial Supplies - SmartCellTM

Alro Industrial Supplies - SmartCell™
How Does SmartCell™ Save You Money?
  • Reduces Premium Freight Charges
  • Transaction Cost Reduction
  • Reduces Obsolete Tool Inventory
  • Tool Consumption Reduction
  • Reduces Inventory Carrying Cost
  • Reduces Walk & Wait Time
  • Monthly Summary Invoice
  • Enhanced Shop Productivity

Alro SmartCell™ - Put tooling in its place

SmartCell™ is an advanced technology innovation from Alro Industrial Supply designed to provide tooling security, tracking and auto-replenishment at the point of use or within a crib environment.

SmartCell™ was also designed to directly support cellular manufacturing and can drastically reduce your tooling usage and replenishment costs. Here’s how:

Secure Tools
  • SmartCell™ stations are placed in each manufacturing cell.
  • Cellular based stations are configurable from 1- 255 secure drawers.
  • Tooling inventory is organized and loaded into SmartCell’s™ secure drawers.
  • SmartCell™ can also be used with your current cabinets.
Dispense Tools
  • Cell operators log the tooling they wish to remove using touch-screen navigation. The proper drawer automatically unlocks and opens for easy tool dispensing or a key is dispensed from the secured drawer to unlock a cabinet.
  • Inventory levels are automatically adjusted as tooling is removed.
Auto Replenish
  • SmartCell™ stations automatically upload replenishment needs to the master crib or directly to Alro.
  • Receiving and putting away product is simple using our auto-receive feature.
  • 24 hour monitoring and alerting is available through SmartCell’s™ Guardian software.
Track inventory usage with SmartCell’s™ robust reporting. Reports Include:
  • Usage by Cell
  • Usage by Employee
  • On Hand Inventory
  • Usage by Job
  • Usage by Part

Alro Industrial Supply also offers APOS (Alro Portable Ordering System), a visual reordering system using Kanban replenishment principles. It works well with lower cost items in “free-issue” areas throughout the plant or in central crib areas where a perpetual on-hand inventory control system does not make sense.
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