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Alro Plastics Product: Borotron® “Borated PE”

Size and Availability:

- Thickness: 1"thick (only current size)
- Sheet size: 48"x 96" standard

Borotron® HD050 is based on Quadrant’s high performance HDPE with 5% elemental boron. Borotron® has been used as a medical and industrial shielding material to attenuate and absorb neutron radiation. This easily fabricated polymer material also offers designers greater durability and function over a wider range of temperatures than traditional materials.


  • Easy to handle and fabricate
  • Durable over a wider temperature range
  • Consistent density and homogeneity
  • Superior dimensional quality and flatness


  • Medical vaults and doors
  • Hot cells
  • Nuclear detection systems
  • Nuclear storage and transport containers
  • Particle accelerators