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1045 Chrome-Plated Steel Bar - 75K Std. 75K Yld/.0005

1045 Chrome-Plated Steel Bar - 75K Std. 75K Yld/.0005
Chemical Composition
Carbon:              0.42%-0.50%
Manganese:       0.60%-0.90%
Phosphorous:     0.04% (Max)
Sulfur:                 0.05% (Max)

1045 75K Chrome-Plated Steel Bar

1045/75 IHCP is commonly used for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder applications. The IHCP® stands for Induction Hardened and Chrome Plated. The induction hardening process creates a hard case on the bar surface that better supports the chrome plating due to improved impact resistance. Compared to standard chrome-plated bars, the induction hardened chrome plated bar provides superior wear resistance in addition to the corrosion resistance chrome plating provides.
Alro Steel provides 1045 hard chrome plated steel bar 75 yield based on your exact project specifications. Request a quote for further pricing details regarding 1045 chrome-plated bar or call us at 888-888-2576 and we will gladly assist you with your specific 1045 IHCP bar 75 yld strength questions. Alro Steel is your trusted source for premium 1045 induction hardened steel chrome plated bar.

1045 IHCP Bar 75 Yield Strength Options

Depending on your specific requirements, Alro Steel can provide numerous 1045 chrome-plated steel bar options including 100k Yld / .0005 and 1045 TG&P. Whether you need hard chrome plated steel bars and/or induction hardened chrome-plated steel bars we can provide materials based on your project specifications.
  • 3/4" to 5" diameter
  • Precision tolerances and surface finish
  • Plate thickness 0.0005" minimum 66 to 72 RC hardness
  • 16 foot to 24-foot lengths
  • Metric sizes available

1045 IHCP Chrome Plated Bar Properties and Specifications

Heavy-duty 1045 IHCP bar 75 yield strength is produced from a commercial-grade of cold finished and hot rolled steel bars. After centerless grinding the bars are polished and then hard-chrome plated (usually up to .001"). The bar may be induction hardened to core depth of .050" minimum with a surface hardness of RC50 minimum. The primary application is for shafting in the manufacture of hydraulic cylinders.

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 Contact us for more information regarding our 1045 IHCP Bar 75 yld strength options, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Alro Steel is your premier resource for high quality 1045 induction hardened steel chrome plated bar.

Tensile Strength:          75,000 PSI Min
Yield Strength:              75,000 PSI Min
Typical Uses
  •  Standard Cylinders
  •  Dump Trucks
  •  Fork Lifts
  •  Presses
  •  Skidsteers
  •  Tractors
  •  Steering-Gear Systems
  •  Combines
  •  Planters/Balers
  •  Hydraulic Platforms
  •  Aerial Lifts
  •  Material Handling Equipment
  •  Snow Plows
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1045 75K Std 75K Yld/.0005 Plt