Alro logo Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics and Alro Industrial Supply.

Alro SmartCart™

SmartCart™ is Alro’s original lean solution and also the most compact of all the Smart options available. The SmartCart™ is ideal for point-of-use dispensing in cell manufacturing environments. This modular solution allows for addition of drawers as management of more tools is needed.

Dispense Products
  • Cell operators log the tooling they wish to remove using touch-screen navigation. The proper drawer automatically unlocks and opens for easy tool dispensing or a key is dispensed from the secured drawer to unlock a cabinet.
  • Inventory levels are automatically adjusted as products are removed.
Auto Replenish
  • SmartCart™ stations automatically upload replenishment needs to Alro Industrial Supply.
  • Receiving and putting away product is simple using our auto-receive feature.
  • 24 hour monitoring and alerting is available through SmartCell’s Guardian software.
SmartCart™ Highlights
  • Manages from 1 to 100 tools.
  • SmartCart™ stations are placed in each manufacturing cell.
  • Cellular based stations are configurable from 1 - 255 secure drawers.
  • Tooling inventory is organized and loaded into SmartCart’s secure drawers.
  • Number of drawers in each area is customized to the number of tools being managed in the area.
  • Modular solution allows for the addition of drawers as management of more tools is needed.
  • Can manage inventory in any external cabinets or work area.
  • Supports all functions of Alro’s feature-rich SmartCell™ software.
  • Works in combination with any of our other dispensing machines.
SmartCart™ Dimensions: 24” W x 52” H x 24”