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Alro Plastics Product: Proteus® LF PP

ABS Sheet

Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab Stock:
- Thickness: 1/4” to 1-1/2” thick
- Sheet size: 48” x 120”
- Color: Slightly less translucent than standard PP

ABS Sheets  ABS Sheets
Proteus® LF PP (Lay Flat Polypropylene) is a proprietary Stable Machine Grade (SMG) formulated homopolymer sheet that exhibits superior dimensional stability and flatness after aggressive fabrication. Proteus® LF PP has excellent chemical and moisture resistance and is FDA and USDA compliant.

Proteus® LF PP was designed to target applications where standard PP plate and sheet products cannot hold dimensional stability tolerances specified. Ultimately Proteus® LF PP will allow for faster cycle times, increase unmanned machine hours and eliminate costly secondary part finishing operations ultimately resulting in lower part cost.


  • Supreme dimensional stability and flatness
  • Enhancing the performance of PP in cost conscious applications
  • Compliance equal to standard Polypropylene
  • Accelerated fabrication cycles
  • Eliminates post annealing and processing of parts
  • Saves time and money


  • Plating modules
  • Acid tank / lineup
  • Battery cases
  • Fume hoods
  • Orthopedic applicances
  • Machined parts