Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics, Alro Industrial Supply and Alro Metals Outlet.

Aluminum Pipe and Tube

Aluminum Pipe and Tube

Alro stocks aluminum pipe and aluminum tube in two main grades, 6061 and 6063.  Aluminum can be used in various applications due to their unbeatable strength to weight ratio compared to other metals. Weighing in at one third as much as iron, steel, copper or brass, aluminum is the most abundant metal element in Earth's crust and makes up about 8% by weight.

Aluminum pipe and tube have very good corrosion resistance and and are virtually maintenance free. It has good heat conductivity, better than any other common metal and conducts electricity comparable to copper products. Aluminum is also non-toxic and can be used in food preparation equipment. Aluminum's reflective nature is suitable for light fixtures, is non-combustible and so does not burn. Some end uses include transportation, food packaging, furniture, electrical applications, building, construction, machinery and equipment.

Alro stocks aluminum pipe and aluminum tube in 6061 tube and 6063 tube grades in several types including drawn, extruded, structural and seamless:

6061 Drawn Seamless   
6061 Ext   
6061 Extruded Seamless   
6061 Extruded Structural