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Carbon Steel Sheet

Carbon Steel Sheet Carbon steel sheets are one of the most common types of steel. The specific type of carbon steel sheet is selected based on how it will be used. It is categorized into low, medium, and high as well as into several grades. Uses range from machined parts, to cutting blades and knives, structural applications in construction, punches, dies, springs, and more. Alro stocks a wide range of options including drawing quality, “Corten”, galvanized, and galvannealed.
Alro's most popular carbon steel sheet is A1011/1018 CS Type B hot rolled sheet - A1011 CS Type B, a hot rolled commercial quality carbon steel sheet suitable for many applications where normal surface imperfections are not objectionable. Heat treatment and other processing operations must be properly performed so as to not detrimentally affect the properties of the steel. Commercial quality (More commonly referred to as "Commercial Steel or CS") will meet the bend test requirements of ASTM A1011/1018 CS Type B.

Carbon Steel Categories

The properties of tensile strength and yield strength can vary greatly between the different categories of carbon steel. In general, a low carbon has a yield strength of approx. 47,900 psi and tensile strength of approx. 65,300 psi. In comparison, high carbon has an approximate yield strength of approx. 84,800 psi and tensile strength of approx. 140,000 psi.
  • Low carbon = .06% to .25% carbon content (mild steel)
    • More pliable, easier to weld
  • Medium carbon = .25% to .55% carbon content (medium steel)
    • Provides a good balance between durability and workability
  • High carbon = >.55% to 1.00% carbon content (hard steel)
    • High hardness level which also means it can be more brittle

Carbon Steel Sheet Stock Is Available in the Following Grades

10XX = non-resulpherized carbon steel, with manganese 1.00% maximum (for example 1018, 1045 and 1050).
11XX = resulpherized carbon steel (for example 1117, 1141 and 1144).
12XX = rephosphorized and resulpherized carbon steel (for example 12L14 and 1215).

The second two numbers in AISI-SAE designations indicate the approximate carbon content for steel (for example, in 1018 the carbon range is .15% to .20%; .18% [shown as "18"] is the approximate carbon content).

Carbon Steel Sheet Metal Stock & More

Common Carbon Steel shapes are BarsPipe and Tube, Plate, Sheet, and Structural (Angle, Channel, Beams, Tees, and Re-bar/Re-rod). For Alro Steel’s wide range of carbon steel sheet metal grades, see our product listing table below.

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