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AR-400F Steel Plate

AR-400F Steel Plate
Chemical Composition
Carbon:               0.12%-0.16%
Manganese:         1.55% (Max)
Phosphorus:         0.25% (Max)
Sulphur:              0.005% (Max)
Chromium:           0.55% (Max)
Nickel:                1.00%
Molybdenum:        0.55% (Max)
Silicon:               0.35%-0.55%
Boron:                0.0005%-0.005%

AR400F Steel Plate

AR-400F is a through-hardened abrasion-resistant plate designed to satisfy the demand for a grade of steel that can give prolonged service life where abrasion is the primary cause of failure.  AR400F is quenched and tempered through hardened wear-resistant grades of abrasion-resistant steel plate used for high impact and abrasion resistance. AR400F has a minimum Brinnel hardness of 360. AR400F is produced through austentizing, water quenching, and tempering.

AR400F is an abrasion-resistant brand with a hardness of 450 bhn. This brand of abrasion resistant plate is intended for higher, impact, wear applications where cold-bending and very good weldability are beneficial.

Other Abrasion Resistant Steel Plates that Alro Steel stocks include:

Typical Surface Brinell Hardness (HB):  360-444
Typical Uses
AR400F is used in equipment subjected to abrasive wear. Some potential applications are:
  • Truck beds
  • Buckets
  • Hoppers
  • Chutes
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Cutting edges
  • Grates
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