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Carbon Steel Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Carbon Steel Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Carbon Steel Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Carbon steel bar is stocked in flat, hex, round, and square. Carbon steel is ideal for many industrial products and applications where strength and durability are required. Increased carbon content will raise carbon steel’s hardness and strength. Inversely, lower carbon content results in a softer (mild) carbon steel that is easier to machine and weld.  Processing includes cutting options custom to your specifications. 
  1. Low carbon = .06% to .25% carbon content (mild steel)
  2. Medium carbon = .25% to .55% carbon content (medium steel)
  3. High carbon = >.55% to 1.00% carbon content (hard steel)

Carbon Steel Bar Available in Multiple Grades

10XX = non-resulpherized carbon steel, with manganese 1.00% maximum (for example 1018, 1044, 1045 and 1050).
11XX = resulpherized carbon steel (for example 1117, 1141, 11L17, and 1144).
12XX = rephosphorized and resulpherized carbon steel (for example 12L14 and 1215).

The second two numbers in AISI-SAE designations indicate the approximate carbon content for steel (for example, 1018 carbon range is .15% to .20%, and .18% shown as "18" is the approximate carbon content).

Standard Stock of Carbon Steel Bar Grades at Alro

Chrome Plated 1045 Bar 75k and 1045/1050 IHCP Bar 100k

Contact Alro Steel for more information regarding our 1045 Bar 75,000 and 100,000 IHCP strength options, or request a quote for further pricing details today. Alro Steel is your premier resource for high quality 1045 induction hardened steel chrome plated bar.
1018 CF
1018 HR   
1044 HR   
1045 CF 
1045 HR  
1045 TG&P   
1117 CF  
1117 HR   
1141 CF   
1141 HR   
1144 CF   
1144 HR   
11L17 CF  
1215 CF 
12L14 CF 
A311/Stressproof TG&P   
Chrome 1045 Bar 75k   
Chrome 1045/1050 IHCP 100k   
CQ Strip   
Key Stock - Zinc Plated   
LC FG Stk  
Threaded Rod