Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics, Alro Industrial Supply and Alro Metals Outlet.

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Tool Testing
Alro Industrial Supply representatives work on your agenda to identify and prioritize tool improvement initiatives in your shop. Whether we focus on the tools with large plant-wide consumption, or a challenging, unprofitable job in the shop, we will conduct tool tests to meet established criteria for improving your throughput, tool life, and company profits.
Band Saw Maintenance
Alro Industrial Supply partners with top band saw blade manufacturers from around the world. We use factory trained experts to provide all band saw maintenance to keep you running at top efficiency. In addition to maintenance we also provide band saw blade welding and more.
Band Saw Blade Welding
Alro Industrial Supply is a certified Lenox weld center. This, coupled with our broad inventory of Lenox and Amada band saw coil stock, means that Alro can provide you with an extremely wide offering of Lenox or Amada band saw blades. All blades are welded to your specific length and shipped the same day.
Cost Savings Documentation
Alro Industrial Supply has established a distinct process whereby we work with our customers to set priorities for improvement of plant processes and applications. Then we employ our tool testing procedure and cost savings documentation template to measure cost savings results on tooling, abrasives, and many other products.
Tool Repair
Have you ever had a catastrophic failure that ruined a cutter body? Alro has trusted and reliable suppliers that provide great turnaround time and world class quality to make your cutter bodies look and perform like new again.
In-Plant Training
Alro employs technical Territory Managers that will bring in factory product experts to teach your operators how to best use the tooling and other products that we offer. Think of Alro as your single point resource for training on anything from band saw blade break-in procedures to milling, turning or drilling concepts, to coolant management, to corrosion prevention processes and many more.
Technical Factory Support
Alro Industrial Supply has great relationships with our supplier partners. We work very closely together to bring factory experts in to assist our customers in dealing with challenges or trouble jobs in the plant. Whether the challenge involves tooling, PPE products, plant GHS requirements or any manufacturing-related issue, Alro Industrial Supply will bring in the best minds to solve your challenges.
Cutting Tool Resharpening
Alro Industrial Supply has developed a process that works well for our customers in establishing a routine for collecting used round tools and returning them to trusted sources for re-sharpening and re-conditioning. We find that our sources can re-sharpen tools anywhere from 3 to 7 times bringing customers significant savings on the cost of the tooling consumed.
Coolant Management
Alro Industrial Supply offers testing water and coolant samples to determine optimal operating conditions in the machine sump. In addition, Alro provides tracking refractometer readings and maintaining coolant concentrations in your machines.
Sling Inspection & Certification
Let Alro assist you with compliance to the OSHA regulations on certification of the lifting devices in your shop. Whether you use synthetic or chain slings, Alro has certified sources for performing OSHA-approved inspections and identifying safety hazards in your shop. Slings that fail inspection are taken out of service and returned for repair or replacement.
Gauge Calibration
Alro can help you stay in compliance with your ISO procedures regarding gauge calibration. Alro has world class repair and calibration facilities ready to bring your products back into fully functional condition. We will then also provide you with certificates showing your compliance.
Carbide Recycling
Alro’s established process for carbide recycling has proven to be a big benefit for our customers. Alro-provided containers are placed strategically throughout the shop to collect spent carbide inserts, blanks, or round tools. We then sort the product and return it to our sources to maximize the value you will receive. The credit received can then be applied to your tooling budget.
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