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Quick Frame™
Quick Frame™

Quick Frame™ by 80/20® Inc.

What is Quick Frame™? The Quick Frame™ tubular aluminum framing system is simple and economical. Quick Frame™ does exactly what the name implies: it quickly becomes modular shelving, furniture, machine guards, tank covers, displays, carts, or whatever you can imagine. Quick Frame™ is cost effective and requires few parts and tools for assembly. The heart of the Quick Frame™ is the tough, molded nylon corners. Add 1” square aluminum tubes, handles, wheels and many other accessories and you have Quick Frame™.

Quick Frame™ is an easy to configure framing system that can be built to support any size or shape of design. All 21 joint configurations are based on the same assembly method which means NO HARDWARE is required. The inside cavity of each Quick Frame™ profile is lined with small grooves. These grooves bite into the nylon connectors creating the friction that holds the connectors into place. Simply tap the nylon connector into the mating tube using a soft face mallet & repeat the process for each connection.

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Ready Tube
Ready Tube™

Ready Tube™ by 80/20® Inc.

What is Ready Tube™? Ready Tube™ is a versatile, pre-drilled aluminum tube building system, ideal for the novice builder who needs a custom solution for his project. From workbenches to garage organizers, boat racks to electronic equipment racks - your imagination is the only limitation to what you can build with Ready Tube™.

Where can you use Ready Tube™? Ready Tube is the perfect framing choice for DIY projects when you desire an aesthetic finish and heavy-duty durability.

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Quick Frame™ and Ready Tube™ are products of 80/20® Inc.