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Alro Plastics Product: DURATRON®

Size and Availability:

Rod / Round:
- Diameters: 1" dia to 13" diameter
- Lengths: 24" Lengths: 24" and 48" depending on diameter

Sheet / Plate:
- 1/4" to 1" thick (in 1/8" increments)
- Thickness: 1-1/4" to 3" thk max(in 1/4" increments)
- Sheet sizes: 24" x 48" , 28" x 57" , 36" x 48" and 48" x 120" sheets.

Duratron is a fully imidized thermoset polyimide. Full imidization and encapsulation of graphite lubricants in wear grades make Duratron PI stronger than other polyimides and provide excellent wear characteristics. In DSM's Tribological Test Laboratories, Duratron 150 has consistently achieved much higher limiting pressure/velocity levels and substantially lower wear rates than any other product tested.

Duratron PI

Record-breaking wear resistance to 575°F (300°C) Lowest wear rates and highest PV capability Lowest wear to mating surfaces Higher hardness and 1/3 lower thermal expansion than other polyimides Better chemical resistance than other polyimides Unfilled grade offers high purity levels Duratron PI is synthesized differently than competitive polyimides resulting in: Improved chemical resistance Lower coefficient of thermal expansion Significantly better physical properties.

Duratron XP

Unreinforced Duratron XP polyimide is produced from a high purity resin with very low ionic impurities and outgassing rates. It is well suited for structural and electrical applications where maintaining purity or electrical insulation is critical.

Duratron 150

Duratron 150 polyimide contains 15% graphite lubricant. It offers the best combination of physical properties and toughness among lubricated polyimide grades.



  • Critical Service Bearings - A textile equipment manufacturer specifies only Duratron 150 polyimide for applications in which bearing failure would be catastrophic. (Prior assembly: Self-aligning rolling element bearings)
  • Wand Tips & Wafer Boat Handling Tools - The high temperature capability and purity of Duratron XP polyimide, make it well suited for applications in t he clean room. (Prior materials: PPS, PEEK, Vespel* PI)