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Alro Plastics Product: DURATRON®

Size and Availability:

Rod / Round:
- Diameters: 1" dia to 13" diameter
- Lengths: 24" Lengths: 24" and 48" depending on diameter

Sheet / Plate:
- 1/4" to 1" thick (in 1/8" increments)
- Thickness: 1-1/4" to 3" thk max(in 1/4" increments)
- Sheet sizes: 24" x 48" , 28" x 57" , 36" x 48" and 48" x 120" sheets.

The Duratron® family of products by MCAM (formerly known as Quadrant) has a highly versatile performance range which makes it useful in a variety of applications. Duratron® products include PI, PBI, and PAI high performance engineering grade plastics. These materials are generally able to withstand harsh thermal and chemical conditions in addition to stress. Alro plastics offers Duratron® products in several grades. Do you require high temperature resistance, high strength, or chemical resistance? Knowing the parameters of an application is key to selecting the best Duratron® product for your needs because each Duratron® product has its own set of key features and benefits. If you are looking for Torlon® PAI, or ULTEM® you are in the right place! In 2010 Quadrant EPP changed the names of their Torlon® and ULTEM® materials as follows:

• Torlon 4301 is now Duratron® T4301
• Torlon 4203 is now Duratron® T4203
• ULTEM® 1000 is now Duratron® U1000

Plastics offers the following Duratron® products:

• Duratron® U1000
• Duratron® D7000 PI
• Duratron® CU60 PBI
• Duratron® T4203 (Formerly called Torlon® 4203)
• Duratron® T4301 (Formerly called Torlon® 4301)



  • Critical Service Bearings - A textile equipment manufacturer specifies only Duratron 150 polyimide for applications in which bearing failure would be catastrophic. (Prior assembly: Self-aligning rolling element bearings)
  • Wand Tips & Wafer Boat Handling Tools - The high temperature capability and purity of Duratron XP polyimide, make it well suited for applications in t he clean room. (Prior materials: PPS, PEEK, Vespel* PI)