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1144 Cold Finish Steel Bar

1144 Cold Finish Steel Bar
Chemical Composition
Carbon:         0.40%-0.48%
Manganese:    1.35%-1.65%
Phosphorus:    0.04% (Max)
Sulphur:         0.24%/0.33%

1144 CF Steel Bar

Alro stocks C1144 Modified Cold Finished Carbon Bar - a steel grade that offers high strength and hardness and is applicable where resistance to deformation and wear are essential. It may be flame hardened to further enhance surface properties. It is frequently used as an economical replacement for more expensive quenched-and-tempered alloy grades.

About 1144 Steel

1144 is a resulphurized carbon steel containing manganese and sulphur to provide a freemachining steel. It is recommended especially for high-production automatic machine products and machined parts requiring higher strength and wear resistance than is possible with lower carbon steels.

Tensile Strength:     85,000 PSI
Yield Strength:        50,000 PSI
Elongation:             24.8% (in 2")

*These numbers are "Typical" properties and may not be required to meet this grade. Please check with your Alro Sales Representative if physical properties are required for your application.*
Typical Uses
Typical applications include:
  • Spindles
  • Gears
  • Piston Rods
GradeBuy ROUND
1144 CF