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1018 Hot Rolled Steel Bar

1018 Hot Rolled Steel Bar
Chemical Composition
Carbon:           0.15%-0.2%
Manganese:     0.6%-0.9%   
Phosphorus:     0.04% (Max)
Sulfur:             0.05% (Max)

1018 Hot Rolled Carbon Steel Bar

Carbon 1018 hot rolled steel is one of the most commonly available grades available in the world. Despite its unimpressive mechanical properties, this steel alloy is easily formed, machined, welded and fabricated. It is especially suited to cold forming and bending operations. 1018 steel is suitable for parts which require cold forming (such as crimping, swaging, or bending). For severe bends, however, stress relieving may be necessary to prevent cracking.

1018 Hot Rolled bars are generally available as round bars, while 1018 Cold Finished bars are available as Flats, Rounds, Squares, and Hexes.


Physical Properties of 1018 HR Steel in the AS-ROLLED state:

Tensile Strength:       67,000 PSI
Yield Strength:          45,000 PSI
Elongation:               36%
Typical Uses
Typical uses of 1018 HR carbon steel bars include:

Oil tool slips
Chain pins
Anchor pins
GradeBuy ROUND
1018 HR