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A588 Weathering Steel Plate

A588 Weathering Steel Plate
Chemical Composition

A588 Corten High Strength Low Alloy Steel

Alro stocks ASTM A-588 and ASTM A-572 Gr. 50 Plate

About ASTM A-588

ASTM A-588 Gr. A/B Corten steel plate offers all the advantages of ASTM A572-50 but is produced with elevated levels of copper to add corrosion resistance. This weathering grade provides atmospheric corrosion resistance and ultimately longer life in applications where exposure to elements will be a factor. is often used in unpainted applications such as bridges, utility sign/poles and highway structures and guardrails because of the self-repairing, natural oxide patina greatly reduces maintenance.

Tensile: 70 ksi min (4 inch and under), 67 ksi min (4-5) 63 ksi min (Over 5-8)
Yield: 50 ksi min (4 and under), 46 ksi min (4- 5) 42 ksi min (Over 5-8)
Elongation: 16 percent min in 8 inch 19 percent min in 2 inch (for plates wider than 24 inch)in sheet.
Typical Uses
This steel can be left unpainted making it ideal application including bridges, buildings, and other structures.
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HSLA A588 "Corten"