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J524 Seamless Tube

J524 Seamless Tube
Chemical Composition
Carbon:                18% Max
Manganese:          0.30%-0.60%
Phosphorus:          0.040% Max
Sulphur:               0.050% Max

J524 Seamless Carbon Tube

SAE standard covers cold drawn and annealed seamless low-carbon steel pressure tubing intended for use as hydraulic lines and in other applications requiring tubing of a quality suitable for flaring and bending.
Alro stock SAE J524 Seamless tube which is an excellent option for applications such as hydraulic lines. 

Ultimate Strength: 310 Mpa (Min)
Yield Strength:  170 Mpa (Min)
Elongation:        35% (Min in 2 inches)
Typical Uses
- Hydraulic lines
- Applications requiring bending or flaring
J524 Seamless