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Aluminum Cast Mold Plate

Aluminum Cast Mold Plate
Chemical Composition

2000 Series Cast Mold Plate

Typical Chemical Composition (Weight-%)
Si - max 0.20
Fe - 0.85 - 1.15
Cu - 2.70 – 3.25
Mn - max 0.07
Mg - 0.95 - 1.25
Ni - 0.85 - 1.20
Zn - max 0.15
Ti - 0.10 - 0.07

5000 Series Cast Mold Plate

Typcial Chemical Composition (Weight-%)
Si - max 0.4
Fe - max 0.4
Cu - max 0.1
Mn - 0.4 - 1
Mg - 4 - 4.9
Cr - 0.05 - 0.25
Zn - max 0.25
Ti+Zr - max 0.15

Aluminum Cast Mold Plate

Alro stocks aluminum cast mold plate in both 2000 and 5000 series. Aluminum cast mold plate is available in thicknesses from 2” to 20” and while it is precision sawed it does not have a ground surface.

About 2000 Series

2000 Series cast aluminum mold blocks and plates are ideal for large molds requiring extensive machining. It is characterized by an excellent dimensional stability, a high Brinell hardness and a good resistance to heat (less than 230OC). The low level of internal stress reduces considerably the deformation during and after machining. 2000 series is ultrasonically inspected to insure a totally usable mold block.  Designed and tailored to meet a wide range of mold making applications, these products offer outstanding machinability, excellent weldability, superior and consistent performance at elevated temperatures and unsurpassed dimensional stability.

About 5000 Series

5000 Series cast aluminum mold product is noted for having excellent dimensional stability. It is a 5083 alloy which provides strength, good anodizing response, weldability, and machinability. It has an internal low level of porosity which is guaranteed by the supplier casting technology. In addition, quality control is made by ultrasonic inspection. The low density of the 5000 series is an advantage over other aluminum mold products. 

Benefits of 5000 Series

  • Easy to recycle
  • Higher residual value at the end of its useful life
  • Precision sawed surface can allow for significant cost savings when surface machining is not require

Mold Plate Stocked By Alro Includes:

  • AlcaMax - 2000 series cast
  • Max 5 - 5000 series cast
  • Duramold - 5000 series cast


2000 Series Cast Mold Plate

Typical Physical Properties

Density 0.100 lb in3
Elastic Modulus 10.3 x 106 psi
Coefficient of Thermal 12.4 in/inF
Expansion (68 degrees F-212 degrees F)
Thermal Conductivity (68 degrees F) 94 Btu/in h oF
Electrical Conductivity (68 degrees F) 37% IACS

Typical Mechanical Values

Ultimate Tensile Strength 38000 PSI
Yield Strength 20000 PSI
Elongation 7 percent
Brinell Hardness 81 HB

5000 Series Cast Mold Plate

Typical Physical Values of 5000 Series

Density .0961 lb/ in3
Elastic modulus 10.3 x 106 psi
Coefficient of thermal Expansion 13.2 in/in °F (68 °F-212 °F)
Thermal conductivity (69.3 °F) 94 Btu/in h °F
Electrical conductivity (68 °F) 37% IACS

Typical Mechanical Values of 5000 Series

Ultimate Tensile Strength 410001 PSI
Yield Strength 18000 PSI
Elongation 16%
Brinell Hardness 70 HB
Typical Uses

Both 2000 Series and 5000 Series Cast Mold Plates are used for the following applications:

  • Automotive industry
  • Blow molds
  • Structural foam molds
  • Rubber molds
  • Low pressure injection molds
  • Thermoforming molds
  • R.I.M. and R.T.M. molding

In addition, Alro carries aluminum cast tool & jig plate. Click here for more information.

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