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A106B Seamless Pipe

A106B Seamless Pipe
Chemical Composition

Grade A                           
 Carbon - 0.25% Max           
 Manganese - 0.27-0.93%             
 Phosphorous - 0.035% Max         
 Sulfur - 0.035% Max        
 Copper - 0.40% Max         
 Nickel - 0.40% Max                  
 Molybdenum - 0.15% Max         
 Vanadium - 0.08% Max           

Grade B  

A106B Seamless Pipe

A106B is a seamless pipe product.  This seamless carbon steel pipe was specifically designed for high-temperature service applications. The purpose for which the pipe is to be used under this specification shall be suitable for bending flanging, and similar forming operations and for welding. This pipe is sometimes referred to as ASME SA 106 Pipe.


Grade A:
Tensile Strength:  48,000 psi min
Yield Strength:      30,000 psi min

Grade B:
Tensile Strength:  60,000 psi min
Yield Strength:      35,000 psi min

General Characteristics of A106B Seamless Pipe:

  • Designed for high temperatures
  • Can be formed through bending, flanging and other similar operations
Typical Uses
Suitable for applications which involve the transfer of fluids and gasses at high pressure and temperature levels.

Common Industries and Applications
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Oil & Gas Refineries and Processing Facilities
  • Boilers
  • Ships
GradeBuy PIPE
A106B Smls Pipe