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Aluminum Safety Grating

Aluminum Safety Grating
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Grip Strut Aluminum Safety Grating

Alro Steel is a distributor for Grip Strut® products, including Grip Strut® Aluminum Safety Grating. These products are noted for their serrated surface that grips soles of boots and shoes, providing a secure walking surface. The open design makes safety grating ideal for both indoor and outdoor walkways where ice, mud, snow, oil, detergents, or other substances may create a hazardous condition. Although Aluminum Safety Grating is an open design, the pattern is small enough that most hand tools or objects that may be accidentally dropped will not fall through.
The open design of Safety Grating allows for easy maintenance. Fluids will quickly drain through and snow and ice typically shear off of boots and shoes as people walk on the grating. The lightweight aluminum grating does not rust, and it can be cleaned by brush or spraying air or liquid on it. 
Although the aluminum material is lightweight, it provides an good strength to weight ratio. Grip Strut® Aluminum Safety Grating is an excellent combination of durability, safety with easy fabrication and installation, which also make this product economical in many walkway applications.

Benefits of Aluminum Safety Grating

Lightweight aluminum
Easy to clean using a brush, liquid, or air spray
Open grid patter provides a way for liquids to drain through quickly
Easy installation
Can be field cut to fit virtually any angle
Comes in a variety of standard widths and channel heights

  • Lightweight and strong
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Heavy load-carrying capacity with minimal deflection
  • Will not rust
Typical Uses
Indoor and outdoor walkways where surfaces may become hazardous due to weather conditions, or the potential of oils, detergents, or substances may cause slippery conditions.
Stair treads 
Alum Safety Grating