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309S Stainless Steel Plate

309S Stainless Steel Plate
Chemical Composition
Low Carbon Stainless Steel

309S Austentenitic Stainless Steel Plate

Alloy 309S is an austenitic stainless steel that contains higher levels of chrome and nickel. The addition of nickel and chrome provides improved oxidation in temperatures up to 1830°F. 309S is a low carbon version of 309 and is known for being easy to fabricate and weld by most standard methods. It is often used in furnace equipment, annealing boxes, thermowells, and other high-temperature applications.

About 309 Stainless Steel Plate

309 grades of stainless steel are noted for excellent corrosion and heat resistance. In general 309 and 309S are more resistant than type 304. They provide high resistance to sulfite liquors and are often chosen for applications where the metal may be exposed to acids including nitric, nitric-sulfur, citric, lactic and more. Plates can be hot or cold formed as well as annealed to optimize corrosion resistance. It can also be welded by typical methods The machinability of 309 is similar to grade 304.

Alro Steel stocks 309S Stainless Steel plate in a variety of thicknesses. Ask us how we can supply you with stainless steel plate cut and delivered to your specifications.

Higher Nickel and chrome levels
Improved Oxidation Resistance
Ability to withstand temperatures up to 1830° F
Typical Uses
Furnace equipment
Oven linings
Annealing boxes
Baffle plates
Quenching pots for salt