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Aluminum Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Aluminum Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Alro stocks aluminum in a variety of shapes including flat, hex, round bar and square bar. The most popular aluminum grades of bars are 2011, 2024, 6061 and 7075.  Aluminum bars can be used in various applications due to their unbeatable strength to weight ratio compared to other metals.

Available Shapes and Grades of Aluminum Bar Stock

Alro Steel offers a variety of shapes and grades of aluminum bars to meet your application needs. We stock aluminum sheet and plate, as well as a wide variety of aluminum extruded and aluminum cold-finished bars in:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Hex
  • Flats

We stock a range of aluminum bar grades including

2011 Cold Finished Bar: often used for screw machine parts because of its free machining elements.

2024 Cold Finished Bar: the most widely used aerospace alloy. With the combination of high yield strength and good fatigue resistance. Also has good machinability and grain structure. Great for precision fittings and parts.

6061 Extruded Aluminum Bar: ideal for applications involving welding or brazing because if its high corrosion resistance in all temperatures, as well as its excellent corrosion resistance from its high chromium content.

6063 Extruded Aluminum Bar: has overall good mechanical properties. It is often used for relatively intricate work. It has a good surface finished and it can be anodized.

6061 Cold Finished Bar: available in flat, hex, round, and square shapes, this material is one of the most popular aluminum grades available. It offers high corrosion resistance and excellent performance, even in high heat.

7075 Cold Finished Bar: the highest strength aluminum bar that Alro stocks. 7075 grade can be used in air-frame structures and aircraft parts.

How Aluminum Bars Are Made

One of the common ways that aluminum bar is manufactured is through the process of extrusion. In extrusion, aluminum bar is made by pushing the material through a die that is under pressure. As the aluminum is pushed through under pressure, the desired shape, whether that be a rod, bar, or aluminum tube is made.

The extruded aluminum shapes are cooled and other processes including stretching, milling and cutting are used to create the final product. Extruding aluminum shapes is a very cost-effective process because it generally requires less production time than other ways of making aluminum bar. Other processes for creating bars include rolling, or molten aluminum being cast in a mold.

What Is the Difference Between Rod and Bar?

Aluminum rod and bar are made using the same processes. Aluminum Rod refers to round or circular shapes. Bar refers to square, rectangular, flat or hexagon (also call hex in the metals industry).

Uses for Aluminum Bar Shapes

Aluminum is non-toxic and can be used in food preparation equipment. Aluminum's reflective nature is suitable for light fixtures, is non-combustible and so does not burn. Some end uses include transportation, food packaging, furniture, electrical applications, building, construction, machinery and equipment.
Aluminum bar can be used for a variety of applications, including:
  • Medical assembly
  • Aircraft construction
  • Structural components
  • Commercial transportation
  • Electrical Components

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