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Copper Plate

Copper Plate

Copper plate is a highly conductive, versatile material that is used in a variety of industries. From HVAC equipment to telecommunication applications, copper plate provides beneficial characteristics for all your applications. Alro stocks 110 copper and 172 beryllium copper plate.

Typical Uses of Copper Plate

In general copper plate has extremely high electrical and thermal conductivity as well as an ability to withstand corrosion. It is easy to machine, fabricate and form through various methods. These characteristics, along with its aesthetic appeal make it popular in a wide range of industrial, architectural and other applications including marine where it is chosen, in part, for its natural antifouling characteristics.

Copper plate is also used in:
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Anodes
  • Ground Straps
  • Plumbing Fittings
  • Electrical Components
  • HVAC
  • Architectural Elements
  • Valves and Pumps
  • Springs
  • Switch Gears
  • Fasteners

About the Types of Copper Alro Stocks 

Copper plate has an impressively high electrical conductivity. In fact, the only metal more conductive than copper is silver. Because of its high conductivity, its ease of use, durability, and aesthetic appeal, copper plate can be used in a variety of areas, from plumbing and electrical applications to ornamental elements. 
Alro stocks both 110 copper plates and 172 Beryllium copper plates to meet your application needs.

110 Copper Plate

Alro stocks 110 Copper (CDA C11000), one of the most common grades of copper. 110 copper has the highest electrical conductivity of any metal except silver. It also provides good corrosion resistance and solderability. In order to be classified as grade 110, it must be 99.9% pure copper. It can be hot or cold formed and machined. In time this copper may achieve a greenish patina when exposed to the elements. 110 copper is sometimes referred to as Electrolytic Tough Pitch Copper, or just copper. 110 copper plate provides superior malleability and ductility over other metal grades, as well as aesthetic appeal.
These properties, along with its easy workability, make 110 copper a popular choice for:
  • Plumbing Fittings
  • Welding Fixtures
  • Electrical Components
  • Architectural Elements

172 Beryllium Copper Plate

Alro stocks C17200, also known as Alloy 25, the most commonly utilized beryllium copper (Be Cu) alloy. CDA 172 beryllium copper contains approx. 2-3% beryllium. This is added to increase the strength and hardness of the copper. The result is a copper with strength and hardness like steel, the highest among commercial copper alloys. Its electrical conductivity is less than class III alloys, but it has good thermal conductivity and is quite ductile. It is also resistant to fatigue and corrosive elements, including seawater and high salt conditions.
Beryllium Copper 172 is typically used for:
  • Electrical Switches
  • Fuse clips
  • Fasteners, including screws, lock washers and retaining rings
In industrial applications, Beryllium Copper is used to make pumps, shafts, springs, valves, rolling mill parts and more.  
Alro stocks C17200 in copper plate that is available in various sizes and thicknesses.

Typical Properties of Copper

  • Tensile Strength: 32,000 PSI
  • Yield Strength: 10,000 PSI
  • Elongation: 55% (in 2")

Purchasing Copper

110 copper and 172 Beryllium Copper can be easily purchased online from Alro by selecting your grade from the grid and inputting your sizing specifications. You can also find a metal supplier near you and purchase from one of Alro’s physical locations if you prefer.
In addition to plate, Alro stocks copper bar, sheet, pipe, and copper tubing.

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