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DC-53 Tool Steel

DC-53 Tool Steel
Chemical Composition
Carbon (C)               .95
Molybdenum (Mo)  2.00
Chromium (Cr)       8.00
Vanadium (V)           .25
* Unless otherwise specified, nickel plus copper equal 0.75% max. for all tool steel types

DC-53 General Purpose Die and Mold Steel

DC-53 is a general purpose, cold work die and mold steel that also provides excellent strength and toughness that approaches those of high-speed steels. DC53, is an improvement over alloy tool steel D-2. It eliminates the disadvantages of insufficient hardness and toughness that are a result of high-temperature tempering found with D-2. DC-53 is typically chosen as a replacement for D-2 in use for general purpose and precision dies. DC-53 is noted for causing less tool wear and machining times that are faster than D2 Tool Steel.

Benefits of DC-53 Tool Steel

  • Higher hardness (62-64 HRc) than D2 after heat treatment
  • Twice the toughness of D2 with superior wear resistance
  • Substantially higher fatigue strength compared to D2
  • Smaller primary carbides than D2 protect the die from chipping and cracking
  • Machines and grinds up to 40% faster than D2
  • Less residual stress after wire EDM

DC-53 is typically bought to meet chemistry requirements rather than physical requirements. For that reason, physical properties are generally not provided unless requested prior to production. Any material can be sent to a third party after production to be tested for physical properties.
Typical Uses
Typical Applications for DC53 Tool Steel include:
  • Forming Dies
  • Thread Rolling Dies
  • Cold Forging Dies
  • Gauges
  • Plastic Molds
  • Stepped Punch
  • Press Punching Dies