Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick and has grown to include Alro Plastics, Alro Industrial Supply and Alro Metals Outlet.

316-2B Stainless Steel Sheet

316-2B Stainless Steel Sheet
Chemical Composition
Carbon:            0.08% (Max) 
Manganese:      2.00% (Max)
Silicon:             0.75% (Max)
Phosphorous:    0.045% (Max)
Sulfur:             0.03% (Max)
Chromium:        16%-18%
Molybdenum:     2%-3% 
Nickel:             10%-14%

316-2B Stainless Steel Sheet

Alro stocks 316-2B stainless steel is an austenitic chrome nickel steel with superior corrosion resistance to that of other chrome nickel steels. Widely used when exposed to chemical corrodents, as well as marine atmospheres. 316-2B is a bright cold rolled mill finish. The end result of the cold rolling process creates a reflective finish that can be further polished.

Tensile Strength:                74,694 PSI (Min)
Yield Strength:                   29,732 PSI (Min)
Elongation:                        40%

Tensile Strength:                70,343 PSI (Min)
Yield Strength:                   24,656 PSI (Min)
Elongation:                        40%
Typical Uses
Typical Applications for 316 include:
  • Food Preparation Equipment
  • Laboratory Benches & Equipment
  • Coastal Architectural Paneling
  • Boat Fittings
  • Chemical Containers
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Threaded Fasteners
  • Springs
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316 2B