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Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod
Chemical Composition
The composition of your threaded rod will be determined by the metal you purchase it in. Visit our metals grid for a full list of our online metals.
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Threaded Rod

Threaded Rod

Alro stocks threaded rod in lengths of 3 feet and 12 feet, with a wide range of diameters. It is available in zinc plated low carbon, zinc plated high strength, or stainless steel. You can also purchase round threaded rod in alloy or carbon bar.  

Threaded rod is also known as fully threaded rod, redi-rod, or continuously threaded rod, and is abbreviated ATR.


Threaded rod yield strength depends on the metal it is made of.
Typical Uses

Threaded rod has a wide range of applications requiring threaded fastening, including threaded studs, tie rods, tie downs, anchor bolts, U bolts, eyebolts, hooks, and more. Threaded rod uses include general purpose fastening for anything from an anchor bolt to a through bolt.