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Alro Plastics Product: Boltaron® 9815E

ABS Sheet

Size and Availability:

Sheet Stock:
- Thickness: 0.040” up to 0.250” thick
- Widths: Up to 60” wide
- Lengths: Up to 120” long
- Rolls: available by request 0.060” thick or less
- Custom sizes, thicknesses on request
- Color(s): Full range of colors
- Surface Textures: Wide range, please inquire

ABS Sheets  ABS Sheets
Boltaron® 9815E meets FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.853(d) for smoke density and heat release required for aircraft interior components. It offers far higher notched Izod impact strength of 5.0 ft-lb/in. (265 J/m) vs. other 65/65 rated thermoplastic products that measure 3.0 ft-lb/in. (159 J/m). The result: more durability and longer service life for panels, window reveals, seat backs and other thermoformed components.

In thermoformed parts, Boltaron® 9815E maintains wall thickness integrity even in deep draws and sharp corners. The consistently uniform quality of the extruded sheet also ensures optimum appearance in flat surfaces and complex formed parts.

The Boltaron impact resistant FAR 25.853(d) rated product family includes 9815E extruded sheet, 9815M in metallic finishes, 9815D with unlimited decorative patterns, 9815P in the widest range of textures, and 9815F film and thin-gauge sheet for two- and three-dimensional laminating, and Boltaron® 9850 with a 50/50 rate of heat release.


  • 66% greater impact resistance than other 65/65 thermoplastic alloy sheet
  • Uniform high quality appearance
  • Wall thickness integrity in deep draw forming
  • Full range of colors, widest range of textures
  • Lot-to-lot color consistency


  • Instrument panel housings
  • Class dividers
  • Bulkhead laminates
  • Galley and lavatory components
  • Bull nose, gap covers, moldings
  • Sidewall and kick panels
  • Window reveals
  • Seat parts, back, arm rests