Alro logo Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick. Today, Alro is comprised of Alro Steel, Alro Metals, Alro Plastics and Alro Metals Outlet.

Processing Capabilities

Plastic Bending and Gluing

Another value-added service that Alro Plastics offers is the bending and gluing of plastics, namely the “see through” materials. Materials like Acrylic, Polycarbonate, PETG just to name a few, can be bent and or glued to make displays and guards.

Over the years Alro Plastics has aquired a wide variety of processing equipment to better serve our customers. Alro has also invested in quality people to be able to operate them and produce finished parts. From CNC saw and routers, to heat benders and brake presses, we have the tools and experience to fabricate almost any plastic job to print. Alro Plastics is also ISO certified, so you can count on us taking quality very seriously. Please feel free to fax us your quote request or email it to us at

Our CNC Saws and Routers give us the ability to cut or machine custom parts right to print. Not to mention the machined edge leaves a high quality edge finish, ideal for adhesive gluing & assembly. We can also supply custom bent parts to print. We have the equipment to both cold forming and heat bending of most clear plastics. Please give us a try on your next custom formed plastic part. We have 30+ years of experience in the plastics industry and have done many value-added jobs. Need a quote? You can fax us or email us your drawings and prints to

Materials Quantity Thickness Length Tolerance
Acrylic, PETG,
and others
1 pc protos
up to
10,000 pc jobs
1/16" thick (min)
up to
3/4" thick (max)**
1" long (min)
up to
96" long (max)
Varies from job to
job and by material.
* This chart is a guideline only. Tolerance listed is a standard, we can quote alternate tolerances as needed. Tolerances may vary depending
  on material.
** Thickness may vary depending on material selected and the amount of bending required, thickness listed is just a general size.