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Processing Capabilities

Plastic Welding

When most people hear the word welding they immediately think of steel and metal welding. Well, did you know that some plastics can also be welded? Polypropylene, polyethylene, PVC, PVDF, ABS and certain thermoplastics can all be welded.

Alro Plastics has invested the time and resources to become very good at plastic welding and we offer this service to all of our customers. From the simple task of butt-welding two sheets together to make one longer sheet, to the complex process of creating custom fabricated tanks to print, we can do it all. If you have a need for something to be plastic welded, please feel free to give us a call, or send a drawing to and let us work out a quote for you. We have the materials in stock, and the ability to weld them. Give us a shot at your next opportunity..

There is a wide range of plastic materials that
can be welded together. Polypro, polyethylene, PVDF, PVC, ABS and a few other plastics that
are available in various sizes and colors.
Welding rod is drawn into a miniature hand held plastic extruder, plasticized, and forced out of
the extruder against the parts being joined,
which are softened with hot air to allow
bonding to take place.
We have years of experience in welding plastics and have worked on everything from the simple
butt welding to really large polypropylene tanks. Give us a chance to quote your next opportunity.

Techniques Materials Thickness Welding Rod Tolerance
Hot Gas & Mod. Extrusion HDF, PVDF, Polypro &PVC 1/8" thick Min.
3/4" thick Max.
Color matched to sheet stock Will vary from job to job
* This chart is a guideline only. Tolerance listed is standard, we can quote alternate tolerances if needed. Tolerances may vary depending on material.