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Alro Plastics Product: Bumper Post Sleeves

Bumper Post Sleeves

Bumper Post Sizes


Size and Availability:

- Thickness: 1/4"thick polyethylene
- Diameters: 3"dia up to 10"dia
- Custom color and logos are available

Bumper Post Sleeves  Bumper Post Sleeves
Tired of repainting those concrete bollards in the shop or out in the truck bay? Alro Plastic offers bollard covers or bumper post sleeves in a variety of colors to suit your application. Made from ¼”thick polyethylene, these sleeves/covers are durable and highly visible.

These bumper post sleeves can be customized to the customer and their needs. A variety of sizes from 3” diameter up to 10” diameter can be cut to almost any length. And to personalize them even more, we can add your company logo to them for an additional charge


  • Solid color all the way thru
  • Never rust or lose color
  • Highly visible
  • Variety of colors and sizes
  • Water resistant


  • Shipping & receiving
  • Parking lots
  • Banks
  • Gas stations
  • Store entrances
  • Door protection
  • Fast food, Drive thru
  • Retail stores
  • Car washes