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Densetec® Antimicrobial

Densetec® Antimicrobial

Size and Availability:

- Thickness: 1/4” and 1” thick (standard)
- Sheet size: 48”x 96” and 48” x 120”
- Surface finish: Round and Diamond grids, Desert Sand, Orange Peel and Cobble Stone
- Colors: Natural, Black, Polar White, PG red, PG blue, PG green, PG Beige, PG yellow, CB red, CB Blue, CB Green, CB Beige, CB Yellow, Seafoam, Sandshade, Dolphin Gray
- Color matching for custom colors available

Densetec® Antimicrobial  Densetec® Antimicrobial
Densetec® Antibacterial products are created by incorporating an antibacterial agent (biocide) to suppress the growth of bacteria on the surfaces of products through a process called zone inhibition to control growth of bacteria, fungus, and algae. Unlike surface antimicrobials, the advanced antimicrobial technology protects against bacterial degradation for the lifetime of the product.

Antimicrobial products are treated with an antimicrobial agent to inhibit bacterial or fungal growth and are resistant to deterioration by mold, fungus or mildew. Studies have shown that surfaces with antimicrobial technology can inhibit the amount of certain product-damaging bacteria by 99%.

Disclaimer: Products prepared according to ASTM standards. This product does not protect users from diseases. Always clean surfaces thoroughly with household disinfectant.


  • Surface is easily cleaned with household disinfectant
  • Non-porous surface limits absorption
  • Integrated antimicrobial protection
  • Odor and moisture resistant
  • Stain and Scratch resistant
  • Easy to fabricate


  • Locker Rooms
  • Public facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Food preparation areas
  • Medical cabinets
  • Dental cabinets
  • Food services
  • Sterilization Center
  • Nursing Homes
  • Food processing equipment