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EZ-Pro Durawood Extruded Polyethylene Board

Size and Availability:

- Thickness: 3-50 mm
- Width: 60-640 mm
- Length: 2000 mm

EZ-Pro Durawood is a uniquely extruded plastic board that is lightweight, flexible and extremely durable. It is scratch-free, lightweight, easy to machine and withstands strong impacts. The characteristics of Durawood have made it a popular choice by Toyota, Honda, Nissan and companies in the aerospace and trucking industries for creating durable long-wearing items for part protection, storage, and transport.

Advantages of EZ-Pro Durawood

Compared to traditional materials used to make part protection, transport and storage items for industrial applications, EZ-Pro Durawood is ideal in many respects. It is noted for being flexible, unbreakable and scratch-free. It is easy to machine and can be pieced together using standard screws. It is an excellent choice for anything requiring sawing or cutting, pressing, punching, drilling and milling with standard tools. Durawood has no sharp edges and it will not splinter. When needed, an ESD (electrostatic discharge) option is available.
Over time customers switching to EZ-Pro Durawood note reduction in part damage, maintenance, and replacement costs. It is also non-toxic and 100% recyclable.

EZ-Pro Durawood Features:

  • Scratch-Free Protect Class-A Surface
  • Flexible and unbreakable
  • Lightweight
  • High impact absorbing
  • Heavy load resistant
  • 100% recyclable
  • Non-toxic
  • Excellent resistance to chemicals and solvents, will absorb oil
  • No splinters or sharp edges
  • ESD option available

EZ-Pro Durawood Applications:

  • Part protection
  • Transport containers
  • Pallets
  • Storage drawers and dividers

Buying EZ-Pro Durawood

When you are looking for a long-lasting high quality protective solution for your industrial needs, ask your Alro Plastics Representative about EZ-Pro Durawood. Our experienced staff can help you with more information including product properties, ordering material, cutting to your specifications and reviewing potential cost savings. Contact Alro Plastics today to learn more.