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Alro Plastics Product: FABBACK® (Acrylic)


Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab :
- Thickness: Varies by grade, call for specifics
- Sheet sizes: Varies by grade

FABBACK® acrylic mirror sheet is made with OPTIX continuously processed acrylic sheet. FABBACK has the industry's toughest protective back coating, which protects against scratching during fabrication.

Available in clear, textures and in 19 vibrant colors, this durable acrylic mirror is ideal for slat walls, point of purchase displays, casinos, children's toys, cosmetic displays and for applications in the food service industry.

Various Grades:

  • FABBACK – Acrylic Mirror Clear
  • FABBACK – Acrylic Mirror Colors
  • FABBACK – Marine Grade Acrylic Mirror
  • FABBACK – Aircraft Grade Acrylic Mirror
  • FABBACK – See-Thru Acrylic Mirror
  • FABBACK – First Surface (two-sided) Mirror
  • FABBACK – Textured Acrylic Mirror
  • FABBACK – "Armadillo" Abrasion Resistant
  • FABBACK – PETG Mirror
  • FABBACK – Polycarbonate Mirror


  • P.O.P. Displays
  • Windows and doors
  • Table top covers
  • Casinos
  • Retail stores
  • Children toys