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Alro Plastics Product: FLUOROSINT® HPV

Fluorosint HPV Sheet


Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab :
- Thickness: 1/4” to 3” thick
- Sheet Size: 12” x 12” standard
- Color: Light Tan / Gray

Rod / Round stock :
- Diameter: 1/2" Dia to 2” Dia (stock)
- Diameter: 2-1/8”Dia to 8-3/4” Dia (non-stock)
- Lengths: 4 foot long (standard)

Tube / Hollow stock :
- Diameter: 1-1/4”OD up to 12”OD
- Lengths: 6”lg or 12”lg, varies by Diameter

Fluorosint HPV Sheets  Fluorosint HPV Sheets
Fluorosint's unique properties are the result of a proprietary process in which synthetically manufactured mica is chemically linked to PTFE. This bonding results in properties not normally attainable in reinforced PTFE. Fluorosint® grades offer an excellent combination of low frictional properties and dimensional stability.

FDA compliant Fluorosint® HPV is a high performance bearing grade of Fluorosint® – optimized for high PV and very low “K”, or wear factor. Fluorosint® HPV was developed for bearing applications where other, low-tech PTFE formulations exhibit premature wear or simply cannot perform. FDA compliance gives food and pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers new design options and all benefit from its excellent load bearing and wear characteristics.

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  • Chemical resistance parallels PTFE
  • Continuous use temperature to 500oF (260oC)
  • Compared to other PTFE –based products…
  •    - Higher load carrying capabilities
  •    - 1/9 the deformation under the load
  •    - Lower coefficient of thermal expansion


  • Bearings
  • Commercial food equipment
  • Wear guides
  • High performance seals
  • Thrust washers