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Alro Plastics Product: King Hy-Pact®

Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab stock:
- Thickness: 1/8”thk to 1”thk standard
- Sheet sizes: 48” x 120” standard
- Custom sheet sizes available upon request

There are many cases in which UHMW is specified for installations where its ultimate abrasion and impact resistance are not necessary. In many cases, the customer's only alternative was to use standard HDPE, which lacks the durability of UHMW in most applications.

The team at King Plastics created King Hy-Pact® (Very High Molecular Weight polyethylene), a unique product designed to be a perfect complement to UHMW and to bridge the wide performance gap between HDPE and UHMW. When used properly, King Hy-Pact® allows distributors and manufacturers to reduce costs while suffering no performance loss. Naturally, good design practices dictate that new applications should always be tested before full-scale operations begin.


  • Environmentally stabilized, indoor or outdoor use
  • FDA and USDA approved, white opaque color
  • Smooth, non-skived finish has low coefficient of friction
  • Extremely flat, low-strain sheet
  • Resistant to caking and bridging (build-up)
  • Made from recycled plastic and 100% recyclable
  • Not affected by most aqueous acids, alkalis or salt solutions


  • Conveyors and chutes
  • Lubricating disks
  • Rail-car pedestals
  • Cargo hold liners for trucks and rail cars
  • Washer, gaskets and split bushings
  • Punching operations
  • Deep-freeze applications
  • Snow plows
  • Meat and poultry packing

Are you looking for a cost saving alternative to UHMW-PE?
Compare Hy-Pact to other polyethylene materials like HDPE and UHMW.
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