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Alro Plastics Product: LubX® C

LubX® S

Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab Stock:
- Thickness: 1/2” to 4” thick
- Sheet size: 48” x 120”
- Color: LubX® C (Blueish-Green)

Round / Rod Stock:
- Diameter: 1/4” Dia to 10” Dia
- Standard Length: 10 ft
- Color: LubX® C (Blueish-Green)

LubX S  LubX S
With LubX® C, Rochling Engineering Plastics offers two new high-performance materials, which have outstanding dry-running properties at their disposal. They have been especially developed for applications in material handling and automation technologies. Compared with conventional sliding materials, conveying systems equipped with LubX® need considerably less energy. The considerably lower coefficient of friction of LubX® eliminates the possibility of the slip-stick effect (backsliding) almost completely and thus increases process stability.

LubX® C Features:

  • Especially aligned to polyoxymethylene (POM) and Steel (e.g. chain conveyors)
  • Energy saving
  • Coefficient of friction with polyoxymethylene (POM) as sliding partner up to 75% less than that of UHMW-PE
  • Coefficient of friction with Steel as sliding partner up to 60% less than that of UHMW-PE
  • Suitable for contact with foodstuffs (FDA/21, CFR 177.1520)
  • Noise reducing