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Wholesale PTFE Tape,
PTFE Fabric and PTFE Belts

PTFE Tapes, Fabrics and Belts

Size and Availability:

Stock Shapes and Sizes:
- Due to a wide range of tapes, fabrics and belts it is best to simply call into Alro Plastics and speak with a customer service representative.

Besides just sheet, rod and tubing, PTFE is offered in tapes, fabrics and belts to better suit some applications. Alro Plastics offers these options to our customers. Please check below for more specific information on each of these PTFE options.

PTFE Belts - PTFE fabrics are used to manufacture an extensive line of belts and fabricated parts ranging in thickness from .003” to over .060”. Available with fiberglass, Kevlar® and Nomex® substrates, these products are fabricated in widths ranging from 1/4” up to 141” (certain fabric styles only). The normal operating temperatures for these belts are from 100°F to 550°F (73°C to 288°C).

Features (vs. Stainless Steel):

  • Lower maintenance costs: PTFE belts are non-stick and easy to clean
  • Energy savings: PTFE belts provide better heat transfer and absorb less energy
  • Cost savings: PTFE belts are less expensive to purchase and, due to their low relative mass, can be operated utilizing a simpler, less expensive pulley and drive system


  • Rotary band sealing
  • Baking and cooling of bakery goods
  • Garment fusing
  • Manufacturer of carpet mats
  • Tank seals and container barriers
  • Tissue side sealing