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Alro Plastics Product: Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted™

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted™


Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted™ Colors - Colorless, Green(#3030), Blue(#3120)

Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab stock:
- Thickness: 1/4”(.236”), 3/8”(.354”) and 1/2”(.472”) thick
- Sheet sizes: 48”x 96”, 51”x 96”, 48”x 100” and 51”x 100”
- Standard colors: Colorless, Green #3030, Blue #3120 and Blue #3152

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted™ Designed in response to the growing demand for matte finish looks, Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted acrylic sheet contains a middle clear Plexiglas® acrylic sheet between thin top and bottom frosted surface layers. Attractive and sleek, the sheet is available in a one- or two-sided frosted formulation with a dramatic clear edge to buff or bevel.

The frosted surface on Plexiglas® Clear-Edge acrylic sheet maintains all of the attributes associated with our Plexiglas ® Frosted acrylic sheet material.

Plexiglas® Clear-Edge Frosted acrylic sheet is an excellent choice for designers looking to create attractive lighting, shelving, tabletop, backdrop and point-of-purchase displays. Outstanding for retail and merchandising environments, the sheet is available in colors, clear and pastels.


  • Effectively diffuses light
  • Hides fingerprints and scratches
  • Requires less cleaning & maintenance
  • Easily thermoformable
  • Easy to cut, drill, rout, finish and cement


  • P.O.P Displays
  • Tabletops and shelving
  • Retail store displays
  • Trade shows