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Alro Plastics Product: Plexiglas® SQ (Craze-resistance)

Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab stock
- Thickness: .118”thk, .150”thk and .177”thk
- Sheet sizes: 48” x 96”, 60” x 96”, 72” x 96”, 51” x 100”, 63” x 100” and 75” x 100”
- Non-Glare: Matte finish, one side only

What’s your sign? Pisces tend to be intuitive, imaginative and sensitive, with a great appreciation for beauty and art. Their personality is both patient and malleable. That’s why Plexiglas® SQ craze-resistant acrylic sheet is your material. Designed specifically for the sign market, it is very stable, exhibiting uniform thickness, excellent clarity, weatherability and UV resistance. It’s sensitive to your cost concerns too – offering economy and reliability in many sign environments.

Plexiglas® SQ craze-resistant acrylic sheet is made using the same proprietary continuous process used to make original Plexiglas® MC. It is easily thermoformed and retains excellent craze resistance properties even after exposure to harsh solvents, paints, paint thinners and cleaners typically used in the sign industry.


  • Enhanced craze-resistance
  • Excellent weatherability
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Excellent clarity
  • Easily thermoformable
  • Lightweight, less than half the weight of glass


  • Point of Purchase displays
  • Merchandising displays
  • Store front marketing
  • Map and photo covers
  • Trade shows and displays