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Alro Plastics Product: TecaPEEK® UD BLUE

Tecapeek UD Blue 1

Size and Availability:

Rod / Round:
- Diameters: 1/2" dia. up to 4" dia.
- Lengths: 10 ft lengths standard
- Colors: Blue

Sheet / Slab:
- Thickness: 1/4” up to 2” thick standard
- Sheet size: 24” x 48” standard
- Color: Blue

Tecapeek UD Blue 2   Tecapeek UD Blue 3
TecaPEEK® UD Blue is an "Ultra Detectable" PEEK designed specifically for high temperature applications in the food industry. It has the advantage of detect-ability by all 3 of the food product inspection technologies used in the food industry - optical, metal and x-ray detect-ability. Detection of particulate matter in food products is very important in food safety. It also offers the typical high performance advantages of excellent temperature, chemical, and wear resistance. All the components of TecaPEEK® UD Blue are FDA compliant.


  • Metal and x-ray detectable
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Inherently good wear and abrasion resistance
  • Unaffected by continuous exposure to hot water or steam
  • FDA compliant material


  • Filler valves
  • Valve seats
  • Pump Parts
  • Bushings
  • Scraper blades
  • Filler nozzles