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Alro Plastics Product: ZELUX® (Polycarbonate)


Size and Availability:

Sheet / Slab stock
- Thickness: 3/8”thk to 4”thk standard
- Sheet sizes: 24” x 48” standard
- Custom sheet sizes available upon request

Rod / Round stock
- Diameters: 1/8”dia to 15”dia
- Rod lengths: Varies by diameter size

Film / Thin gage stock
- Thickness: .001”thk to .029”thk
- Sheets / Rolls: Varies by thickness

Zelux® polycarbonate is an engineering plastic with excellent dimensional stability and good strength and stiffness over a wide range of service temperatures. Zelux® is often used for structural applications when clarity and impact strength are essential including lenses, manifolds, site glasses, and machine guards.

Zelux® is used for a wide variety of electrical applications since it has low moisture absorption, good insulating properties, and an excellent flammability rating. Zelux® polycarbonate is easy to fabricate, paint, and glue/bond. Zelux® is a registered trade name of Westlake Plastics.

Zelux® W is the Window grade (optically clear). Zelux® M is the machine grade, stress relieved (natural and black). Zelux® M-GF is glass-filled grades, 10%, 20%, 30% and 40%. FDA compliant grades and colors are available on a custom basis.


  • Optical clarity (window grade)
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Easy to machine
  • Easy to fabricate, paint and glue
  • Good strength & stiffness over a wide temp range
  • Good electrical insulating properties


  • Site glasses
  • Viewing windows
  • Impact shields
  • Fluid handling components
  • Manifolds
  • Scientific & analytical instrument components
  • Electrical components
  • Housing and covers