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Alro Plastics Product: NYCAST® NYMETAL

Size and Availability:

Rod / Round stock:
- Diameters: 3”O.D. to 12”O.D.
- Rod length: Up to 48”long, call for specific sizes

NYMETAL billets, made exclusively with NYCAST® nylon and a variety of metal cores, are available for use in manufacturing gears, rollers, and sprockets primarily for power transmission. By combining the performance advantages of nylon and metal into one cohesive unit, NYMETAL offers advantages that cannot be obtained from traditional all metal or all nylon components.

Whether you are considering a new application or redesigning an existing one, you should consider the NYMETAL advantages. NYMETAL is manufactured from the highest quality cast nylon available in North America. The nylon is bonded to metal cores using a proprietary process, producing a nylon to metal interface that stands up to the toughest engineering applications. This bond far exceeds the performance of mechanically bonded thermoplastic to steel components.

The use of cast nylon produces a quiet running part, good vibration dampening, shock absorption, reduced part weight, longer wear, and the ability to reduce or eliminate lubrication. The metal core provides optimum strength in the bore for power transmission and keyway integrity. All these advantages can be delivered at cost competitive prices.

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  • Noise reducer, quiet running parts
  • Good vibration dampening
  • Shock absorption
  • Reduced part weight
  • Longer wear and part life
  • Ability to reduce or eliminate lubrication


  • Gears of all types
  • Rollers, Sprockets, Augers
  • Power transmission
  • FDA, USDA, 3-A compliant (Nyloil® FG)