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Impact Guard

Impact Guard


Impact Guard Colors

Size and Availability:

IG Series: .030 to .180; 4x8 sheets and custom sizes

IB Series: .730; 4 x 8 sheets and custom sizes

Impact Guard Sizes 
Impact Guard manufactures advanced fiber-reinforced thermoplastic composite sheets and rolls. These materials can be custom engineered to meet your specific needs and are well suited for use in a wide range of industries and applications. Continuous-fiberglass reinforced-polypropylene copolymer-composite panels are unique because they provide high modulus plastic sheets that are extremely impact resistant. The panels consist of unidirectional layers of fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene that are stacked in plies oriented 90 degrees to each other. By varying the number and position of these individual plies, Impact Guard can manufacture panels that offer different degrees of stiffness in both primary directions.

Impact Guard sheet is available in two grades – IB & IG. The IB series is adhered to foam panels. Both series can be customized in a broad range of layup options.


  • Strong & Lightweight: Better strength-to-weight ratio than steel, aluminum, or plywood
  • Tough: Withstands impact even at low temperatures
  • Durable: Moisture resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant: Won’t rust and highly resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • Thermally Stable: Coefficient of thermal expansion like aluminum
  • Customizable: Can be engineered to meet your specific requirements
  • Convenient: Available in both cut sheet or rolled formats
  • Workable: Can be drilled, cut or shaped with hand or power tools
  • Fewer Seams: Widths up to 108″
  • Safe: Chemically inert (non-reactive)
  • Sanitary: Easy to clean
  • Responsible: No VOCs produced in production; recyclable


  • Agricultural Equipment and Containment
  • Greenhouse Floors & Walls
  • Trailer walls & flooring
  • Commercial vehicle shelving & storage
  • Hurricane Shutters
  • Solar Panel Backing
  • Ballistic Panels
  • Pontoon Boat Floors