Alro Steel was established in 1948 by Al and Robert Glick. Today, Alro is comprised of Alro Steel, Alro Metals, Alro Plastics and Alro Metals Outlet.

Metals Processing Capabilities

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Alro offers oxy-fuel cut pieces (rectangles, ID, OD and per print items) to customer specifications. Our CNC machines allow us to oxy-fuel carbon plate up to 14" thick. Some advantages of oxy-fuel cutting include:

  • Thick material capability
  • Good edge quality
  • In-house stress-relieving, normalizing, and annealing
Parts and shapes cut to
customer-supplied print specifications
Alro can provide flame cut parts
up to 14" thick
Edges ground on all flame cut pieces
to deburr them for safer handling

Maximum Table
Cutting Capacity
Overall Tolerance
by Thickness
Hole Size

1/4" thick
up to
14" thick
Up to 120" x 600"

*Dependent on plate thickness
Less than 2" thick = 1/8"
2" to <4" = 3/16"
4" to <8" = 1/4"
8" to <10" = 5/16"
10" to <12" = 1/2"
Minimum hole size
equal to thickness
of the plate
This chart is a guideline only. For more specifc information, please contact your Alro representative.
Alro has a fully integrated CAD Department to handle most file types:
Preferred Files: .dxf .dwg
Also Accepted:
.iges  .asm  .prt  .dft  .par  .psm  .pwd  .step  .X_B  .X_T  .sat model  .iam  .stp  .ipt  .dgn  .sldasm  .sldprt  .stl