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Metals Processing Capabilities

Bar & Structural Saw Cutting

All Alro warehouses employ state-of-the-art equipment for handling and processing orders. Alro offers next-day delivery on most saw cutting orders. We can cut your material to a specified length for storage or handling or your order can be cut within your specified tolerance.

Types of Saw Cutting offered:
  • Bar sawing
  • Miter sawing
  • Structural sawing
State of the art sawing systems deliver accurate miter saw cut parts.
We offer bar sawing and can cut bar stock up to 32” diameter round.
Maximizing bundle cutting production flow assures fast and accurate processing.

Equipment Capacity Tolerance Carbon Stainless Aluminum Red Metals
Bar Sawing32” dia rounds
32” thick flats
Miter Sawing90 deg, 31”w x 37”h
60 deg, 31”w x 16”h
45 deg, 31”w x 16”h
Structural Sawing42” beams
30” pipe/tube
This chart is a guideline only. For more specifc information, please contact your Alro representative.