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Alro Plastics Product: TUFFAK® - Family of Products

As of 5/1/12, Bayer Material Science purchased Arkema’s Tuffak® polycarbonate sheet business. The substitutes for Tuffak® products are listed below.

Bayer MaterialScience's Letter to customers

Tuffak® polycarbonate sheet is the basic grade of high-impact polycarbonate plastic sheet. It is a registered trade name of Altuglas International, a part of the Arkema Group. Alro Plastics is an authorized distributor of both the Tuffak® and Plexiglas® lines.

Virtually unbreakable,Tuffak sheet is 300-times stronger than single-strength glass, and significantly tougher than other transparent sheet materials of equal thickness. It’s unlikely that Tuffak sheet will break, shatter or chip when bombarded with thrown missiles such as rocks, bricks or bottles. Nor is it likely that this material will break when hammered, twisted or bent. At the same time,

Tuffak polycarbonate sheet is light in weight, transmits 85% to 89% light in normal window thicknesses, and has good weatherability. UV-stabilized Tuffak sheet has good resistance to solar exposure for five to seven years in moderate climate. Such exposure over a wide temperature range does not affect its impact strength.

Tuffak polycarbonate sheets are offered in a variety of grades specifically designed for certain applications. Below is the various grades available, please feel free to click on any of the products below for more information on that particular product.

TUFFAK® A (General Purpose)

Bayer Substitute - Makrolon GP (General Purpose grade)

Tuffak® A is the general purpose polycarbonate sheet produced by Altuglas. This clear sheet comes standard with film masking but can also be supplied in paper masking if needed. Tuffak® A polycarbonate sheet is virtually unbreakable and significantly tougher than other transparent materials of equal thickness. Click below for more information on Tuffak® A material.


TUFFAK® XL (Weatherable grade)

Bayer Substitute - Makrolon UV (Enhanced UV stability grade)

Tuffak XL weatherable polycarbonate sheet, is manufactured via a proprietary process that imparts a UV-resistant structure, which in turn provides the sign and glazing industries with the following advantages over standard, general-purpose polycarbonate sheet: Preserves impact properties significantly longer, resists yellowing and maintains a higher degree of light transmittance over time.


TUFFAK® W (Aircraft canopy grade)

Bayer Substitute - Makrolon UC (Aircraft quality)

Tuffak® W polycarbonate sheet is the premium product in the market for construction of polycarbonate aircraft canopies. Airman in the US Air Force and other armed services trust the Tuffak® polycarbonate sheet brand and the technical expertise of Altuglas International. Tuffak® W polycarbonate sheet has been used in the F-16 Falcon, the F-18 Hornet, and the F-22 Raptor.


TUFFAK® CM-2 (Sign / display grade)

Bayer Substitute - Makrolon AR (Abrasion Resistant grade)

Tuffak® CM-2 is the Altuglas International designation for Tuffak polycarbonate sheet with a durable, clear coating that significantly increases the abrasion resistance of Tuffak sheet in typical exposures such as washing operations, airborne dust and dirt, and non-abusive public contact. In addition, the abrasion-resistant coating significantly increases the weatherability and chemical resistance of Tuffak sheet and has essentially the same physical properties of the Tuffak polycarbonate substrate.


TUFFAK® Coated Optical

Bayer Substitute - Makrolon OP (Optical grade)

Today's luxury automobiles, limousines and armored trucks demand higher security glazing products. Tuffak® Coated Optical Grade polycarbonate sheet with one-sided abrasion-resistant coating, is designed for use in protective laminates. Tuffak® is an excellent material for laminate performance and offers exceptional clarity and light transmission.

TUFFAK® R  (Recycled)

Bayer is discontinuing this product with no plans for producing a substitute for recycled Polycarbonate Sheet.

Tuffak® R polycarbonate sheet is a new grade of a high-impact polycarbonate plastic sheet produced by Altuglas International. Tuffak R is made from recycled polycarbonate sheet and is significantly less expensive than standard Tuffak sheets.