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Bronze Bronze is an alloy consisting primarily of copper, usually with tin as the main additive. It is extremely strong, resistant to atmospheric corrosion, and is harder than copper on its own. The hardness is due to the alloying of the copper with tin or other metals. It is a dull-gold color, similar to brass, but has indistinct rings on its surface that differentiate it.
Bronze has been used by humans for thousands of years, making it one of the oldest metals still in use. For everything from tools to instruments to works of art, bronze is a versatile metal that is applicable to many industries. Alro Steel stocks a range of bronze grades to meet your needs.

Characteristics of Bronze

Bronze metal offers a variety of characteristics that make it an ideal material for many industrial, architectural, and more. Depending on the alloy composition, bronze can withstand anywhere from 35,000 psi to 85,000 psi. for aluminum bronze and up to approx. 119,000 psi for manganese bronze. It is a hard, brittle metal that has a relatively low melting point. Although bronze is commonly thought of as brownish in color it is actually a pink shade. As bronze materials are exposed to the environment develop a patina that protects the material from deterioration develops, causing color change. Bronze is sometimes treated during manufacturing to develop a patina. Bronze is fusible and is hence easier to cast than some other metals. It is also harder than pure iron and far more resistant to corrosion.

Applications of Bronze

Because of its malleability, strength, shock resistance, and other characteristics, bronze ideal for machining into bearings and bushings. Other applications include:
  • Musical instruments
  • Medals, coins, and sculptures
  • Bushings and castings
  • Nautical applications
  • Bronze bearings
  • Spark-free tools

Alro Stocks a Variety of Bronze Grades for All of Your Applications

We also offer a range of shapes that include rounds, tubes, rectangles and plate. To learn more about our available bronze, contact us today or request a quote

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