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Carbon Steel Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Carbon Steel Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Carbon Steel Bar - Flat, Hex, Round, Square

Carbon steel bar is stocked in flat, hex, round and, square at Alro. Carbon steel is ideal for many industrial products and applications where strength and durability are required. Characteristics of carbon steel bars are based on the carbon content. Increased carbon content will raise carbon steel’s hardness and strength. Inversely, lower carbon content results in a softer (mild) carbon steel that is easier to machine and weld.
The type of carbon steel needed is generally based on the application requirements. If you need assistance in determining the right carbon steel bar for your job our sales team is happy to help. Contact us on how we can help you with your next project. 

What Are the Different Types of Carbon Steel?

Carbon steel is divided into three main groups as follows:
low carbon = .06% to .25% carbon content (mild steel)
medium carbon = .25% to .55% carbon content (medium steel)
high carbon = >.55% to 1.00% carbon content (hard steel)

Carbon Steel Bar Available in Multiple Grades

10XX = non-resulpherized carbon steel, with manganese 1.00% maximum (for example 1018, 1044, 1045 and 1050).
11XX = resulpherized carbon steel (for example 1117, 1141, 11L17, and 1144).
12XX = rephosphorized and resulpherized carbon steel (for example 12L14 and 1215).

The second two numbers in AISI-SAE designations indicate the approximate carbon content for steel (for example, in 1018 the carbon range is .15% to .20%; .18% [shown as "18"] is the approximate carbon content).

Standard Stock of Carbon Steel Bar Grades at Alro

10XX:  1018 Cold Finished1018 Hot Rolled1044 Hot Rolled1045 CF1045 HR1050
11XX:  1117 CF1117 HR1141 CF1141 HR1144 CF1144 HR11L17 CF
12XX:  1215 CF12L14 CF
A311 StressproofFatigueproof
A-36CQ StripDiamond Case Shafting

Carbon Steel Bar Product Profiling & Processing

We offer multiple different carbon steel bar cutting options custom to your specifications. We have the capability to help you create a custom carbon steel bar drawing for processing. To request a processing quote for an existing CAD drawing, please attach the print in an email by following this link.