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Carbon Structural Steel Shapes

Carbon Structural Steel Shapes Carbon structural steel shapes are ideal for industrial construction projects requiring high strength where low luster Is not an issue. We stock a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit your project needs.

Carbon Steel Shape Options

Structural steel shapes are available in several options to meet your unique project requirements. Alro can cut, miter cut, and bundle cut. Structural Cutting Video

Carbon Structural Steel Angles

Carbon steel angle is hot rolled steel or high strength low alloy steel bars shaped to a 90 degree ‘L’ shaped bar. The sides or legs of the “L” may be equal or unequal. Other names for carbon steel angle are angle irons or steel angle bars.
Structural steel angle shapes are often used in applications that aid in improving rigidity and good resistance to bending in any direction. You will find carbon steel angles in heavy-duty construction like bridges, warehouses, cable towers, and buildings. Carbon steel angle is also found in lighter items including bed frames, chairs, benches, and other furniture.
Alro stocks carbon steel angle in the following grades: Carbon Structural Steel Channel 
Structural carbon steel channel refers to the shape; a squared-off C. Types of channel include C Purlin which has a straight back with sides that have an inner-facing lip. Unistrut channel has holes or perforations to allow for bolting. Some channel has a slight ridge on the back for more rigidity. 
Channel is primarily used as a stud, replacing wood in steel structures. The benefits of structural steel channel over wood studs are greater weight-bearing capacity and improved rigidity without increasing weight.
Alro stocks carbon structural steel channels in the following grades:  Carbon Structural Steel Beam
Structural Steel Beams come in I-Beam, W-Beam, and H-Beam. All are designed to span an area for support in construction. The shape of a bean affects the overall strength and weight. W or Wide Flange Beams have a broad flange on either side of the web. They are the most common due to their proven ability to withstand shear loads and bending.
Alro stocks carbon steel beam in the following grades:  Carbon Structural Steel Tee Bars
Carbon steel Tee bars, also known as Tee beams or Tee bars are hot rolled “T” shaped steel bars known for their strength and durability. The “T” shape is ideal for large load-bearing applications and is primarily used in the construction industry to reinforce concrete, wood, or other metals.
Alro stocks carbon steel tee in the following grades:
A-36 Galvanized  
A-36 P&O