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Metals Processing Capabilities

6-Axis Tube Laser Cutting

  • Ability to miter cut, tap, notch, pipe joints, slot holes, tabs,
    etching, and more
  • Reduces the need for sawing, fixturing, milling, drilling, punching, bending, and welding
  • Dramatically reduce assembly time
  • High quality cut and parts repeatability
  • Tapping from #10 - 3/4" and M5 - M20 available depending on size/thickness
Highly detailed laser cut parts to print
from round tube stock
Laser cut samples pieces cut
from I-beam and rectangular tubing
Alro has the capability to laser cut
a wide variety of metal shapes.

Round Tube Square Tube Rectangular Tube I‑Beam &
Channel & Angle Grades Maximum Bevel
1/2" dia.
up to
24" dia.
1/2" sq.
up to
16" sq.
1/2" sq.
up to
12" x 20" sq.
up to
18" @ 65#
up to
15" @ 50#
Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
3/4" wall
1/2" wall
1/4" wall
45° max
20° max

This chart is a guideline only. For more specifc information, please contact your Alro representative.
Alro has a fully integrated CAD Department to handle most file types:
Preferred Files: .dxf .dwg .prt .sldprt
Also Accepted:
.iges  .asmt  .dft  .par  .psm  .pwd  .step  .X_B  .X_T  .sat model  .iam  .stp  .ipt  .dgn  .sldasm  .stl